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Tourma-Blanket Twin Size in Gray

FIR Industries, Inc.

Tourma-Blanket Twin Size in Gray

$ 109.99
The Tourma-Blanket From FIR Industries

Unlock the Power of Far Infrared, With the Tourma Line

FIR Industries is redefining the modern blanket.  The health enhancing Tourma-Blanket is crafted with the therapeutic properties of the tourmaline mineral, which has been used for millennia across the globe.

The Tourma Blanket is a cozy, plush and therapeutic blanket.  It is the blanket of tomorrow that is available today. The tourmaline that is infused into the Tourma-Blanket is subtle, but powerful and supports sound, deep and restful sleep.

The approximate quadrillion tourmaline particles in the Tourma Blanket absorb body heat and then transmits that energy back into the body in the form of therapeutic far infrared energy.  

The tourmaline particles also generate negative ions that encourages a healthier alkaline environment in the body. Other benefits of negative ions include; reducing oxidative stress, scavenging free radicals, increasing blood flow and increasing blood oxygen levels. All of this enhances health and wellness.

You work hard and want to wind down and recover. Why not accomplish that with the comfortable feel of luxurious quality?

-100% polyester with FIR technology application

-Soft on the skin

-Machine Wash/Tumble Dry

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